processing of Leather and Tanning

Code: C / 1 / I SUST/ 2009
Date: February 13, 2009
Language: Arabic/ English
Duration: two weeks / 40 hours


Course Components

Modern methods in the processing of the leather tanning using modern technical means.
Different ways of optimizing the use of the materials used and methods of use of treated water due.
The role of the laboratory in controlling production and recycling and use of the used chemicals.
The concept of total quality management and institutional excellence.
Ways and methods of training:
Practical training in the incubator
Hands-on training in laboratory
Field visits
Target groups:
Directors-General and heads of departments and graduates of leather

General Objective:
.Developing heads of departments and units skills of incubator production and expose them to the methods of modern technology in leather processing and tanning.

By the end of this course, the trainees can:
Plan, follow-up and improve the working environment.
Apply the basic rules in the use of clean technology
Increase efficiency and productivity of the business by adopting the modern concepts of tanning.


Fees:  400 SDG