Re-tanning and finishing

Code: C/2/I SUST /2009
Date: May 18, 2009
Language: Arabic / English
Duration: 2weeks/40Hrs


General objective:
.Identifying re-tanning and its impact on qualities and characteristics of the leather products.


By the end of this course, the trainees can:
Use different ways to re-tanning.
Master how to link the re-tanning and finishing and the impact on the characteristics of the skin.
Examine the different ways to produce quality leather
to compete in the global markets.



Fees: 400 SDG

The contents of the course:
different ways of re-tanning.
Leather production specifications of how the Sudanese
Keep pace with consumer demands, especially for leather shoes as regular troops.
How best to use chemicals that used in tanning and the application of methods of clean technology.
Linking the lab-off stages and different training.
Ways and methods of training:
theoretical and practical training
hands-on training