Management and Treatment of wasteWater in Leather Industry

Code: C / 3 / I SUST / 2009
Date: June 15, 2009
Language: Arabic / English
Duration: two weeks / 40 hours


General objective:
.Promoting methods of water treatment in the incubators and making full use of waste.


By the end of this course, the trainees can:
Improve and develop the work environment.
Apply the scientific foundations of the different treatment methods and linking it to the draft environmental protection and clean technology.
Apply method for recycling of treated water.
reduce the deposition of chemicals to the public sewer.



Fees: 400 SDG


Course Components:
modern methods of water treatment and feedback from the tanneries.
How to take advantage of the tannery waste, after the separated parts of the processing and tanning and finishing.
How to prepare different kinds of gelatin.
How to prepare the leather manufacturer.
Ways and methods of training:
practical training in the incubator.
Hands-on training in the laboratory
Field visits
Target groups:
Managers, engineers, supervisors of the processing units of the incubators.