General maintenance of machines and equipment, tanning and leather products and shoes

Code: C / 4 / I SUST / 2009
Date: July 12, 2009
Language: Arabic / English
Duration: 2 weeks 40 Hrs  

General objective:
.Enabling engineers to work in the maintenance of machines, factories, tanneries and shoes.

Enabling them to master technical supervision of the equipment



 By the end of this course, the trainees can:
know the different parts of the machinery and methods of formulation of preventive and periodic maintenance.
know how to deal with the faults of various valuable machines.
.identify the different types of machines.


Fees: 400 SDG


 Course Components:

Maintenance methods of the machines, tannery and leather and footwear.
Methods of control and supervision of machinery maintenance and periodic maintenance of the functioning of the sessions.
Importance of periodic maintenance.
Study different parts of machinery.

Ways and methods of training:
Practical training
Field visits

Target Groups:
.Engineers and maintenance technicians.