Design of footwear and leather products by computer

Code: C / 5 /I SUST/ 20099
Date: August 17, 2009
Language: Arabic / English
Duration: two weeks / 40 hours



General objective:

.Using computer to design modern leather footwear for babies, ladies and men.

.Creating new module of leather footwear based on Sudanese tradition and customs


By the end of this course, the trainees can:

identify the components of a computer and some related programs. (Software & Hardware).
deal with the relevant operating design systems in the leather and footwear industries (CAD / CAM).
use input and output units in core applications (MS Office)


Fees: 400 SDG

Course Components

Introduction to computer and its components.
Operating systems.
Using software application in leather footwear shoes. 
Methods of training:
Exercises and applications.

Target groups:
All interested in training of shoes industries